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Anabolic Pro-Blend5 2kg CHOCOLATE FLAVOUR

Pro Blend 5 from Kevin Levrone is the all-rounder par excellence. The 5 components protein blend containing fast and slow protein sources easily slips into any time well suited. In the morning, after exercise or in the evening, Pro Blend 5 to be an unforgettable experience. As well as slow casein protein is also the blazing fast Hydrolysierte Whey Protein, Egg Protein Is For Use As Well. The fantastic price rounds off the complete package. Pro Blend 5 of Kevin Levrone will definitely be the home of the one or other bodybuilders find a home. Multi Protein Complex: Whey Protein Concentrate WPC80 (Whey Protein Concentrate), whey protein isolate Isolac (Molkenp Roteinisolate), hydrolysed whey protein ideal pep 80 (Whey Protein Einhy Drolysat), hydrolysed casein Pept Opro, Eggalbumen (Eiera Lbumin)